Amy Pennington

eBook - Fresh Pantry: Carrots

Carrots!!!!!! Bet you never thought of them as a full on dinner meal, huh? Well, they are! I'm so happy to announce the launch of Carrots, my March installation of a year-long eBook series dedicated to eating seasonally & economically - all while eating (very) well.

This book features 15 creative yet easy recipes spanning every meal of the day, including some of my very best yet - Roasted Carrots with Sesame Yogurt, Carrots & Eggs with Anchovy Crumbs & Three-Carrot Tacos are some of my faves.  Fresh Pantry is full of lush and full-color photographs from Seattle-based photo guru Della Chen Photography.

Fresh Pantry is my new e-book series! Each month in 2013 I will publish a short, seasonal cookbook that is affordable, jam-packed with awesome & refreshing recipes and full of great tips for cooking seasonally.

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